Over two million people are already suffering from moderate to severe kidney disease (CKD) in the UK, but we estimate a further one million people have kidney damage without knowing it. Check your kidney health now and we'll let you know if you might be at risk and email the results to you.

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    People can have kidney disease without being aware of it. Kidney disease is frequently referred to as a silent killer as there are often no symptoms until the disease is quite advanced.

    Research has shown that some people are at higher risk of developing kidney disease and should have their kidney function checked even if they feel well.

    With the prevalence of kidney disease increasing every year in the UK, Kidney Research UK and NHS Choices have joined forces to raise awareness of kidney disease so that it can be detected earlier and help prevent cases in the future.

    Take this Kidney Disease Health Check to find out if you should have your kidney function checked and to learn more about the condition

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  • Q1.Do you have diabetes?

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  • Q2.Do you have, or are you being
    treated for, high blood pressure?

    Yes, I have high blood pressure but Im not being treated

    Yes, I am being treated for high blood pressure


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  • Q3.Have you had any of the following?


    Amputation due to poor circulation

    Heart attack

    Aortic aneurysm

    Stroke or mini stroke

    Heart failure

    Poor circulation in your legs

    None of these

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  • Q4.Have you had any of the following?

    Multiple kidney stones

    Enlarged prostate gland

    Multiple urine infections, for example 3 or more in a six month period

    Cancer of the prostate gland

    Kidney surgery

    Bladder cancer

    None of these

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  • Q5.Have you been diagnosed with any
    of the following?

    Systemic lupus erythematosis (SLE)

    Liver disease

    Multiple myeloma

    Sickle cell disease

    Rheumatoid arthritis

    HIV infection

    None of these

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  • Q6.Do you have a family history of
    kidney disease?

    Parent or child who has a kidney disease that may be inherited

    Parent or child who has had a kidney transplant

    Parent or child who requires regular kidney dialysis


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  • Q7.Have you ever had a urine test that was
    positive for blood or protein?

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  • Q8.Are you taking any of the following




    Any non-steroidal anti-inflammatory


    None of these


Your Results

Based on your responses if you have not had kidney function checked before, you should make an appointment with your GP for a simple blood and urine test. Your assesment highlighted the following possible factors:
  • Family history: some kidney diseases are caused by abnormalies in genes that may be passed from one generation to the next
  • High blood pressure: this can lead to kidney damage or, in some cases, be a sign of kidney disease.
  • Abnormal urine test: in some, but not all, cases this can be a sign of kidney disease so it’s worth further investigation

We’ve sent a copy of these results to: test@test.com

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